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Cupid's Revenge

We're excited to be bringing you a brand new in defence of love! Real Love

In today’s disposable world where love is used to sell us everything from mobiles to fizzy pop to insurance policies (dog food, toilet cleaner, water, lawnmowers, hearing aids, energy price comparison websites, gambling shops…..) where did real love go? Or is it still there somewhere? Where is Cupid when we need him? Can he help us find and reclaim the real thing?

Cupid’s Revenge is a joyful dancing outburst against the forces that masquerade as love. A look at love in the context of now, both big and small, where it really is and what it really means.   

In true New Art Club style, Cupid’s Revenge is a show that takes a big idea, breaks it open with humour and brings it vividly to life through dance and theatre.

Performed by a multi-talented ensemble of artists including masters of comic timing, Pete Shenton and Tom Roden, Cupid’s Revenge promises an evening of entertaining and insightful banter, juicy moves, plus theatrical thrills and spills. 

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Project Date: Coming in Autumn 2018